but can’t get to classes?

Are you working full time in a job you find uninteresting or one that has no career prospects?

Maybe you don’t have the childcare needed to attend a conventional course?

Or, you work odd hours or shift patterns and can’t commit to regular study?

Perhaps you have already developed a career move and are so busy with your clients that you can’t take time out of the salon to attend further training.

Maybe you have already invested time and money in your training but you have gaps in your knowledge.

Are you currently struggling with your course and need extra help?

we can help you….


The  exceptional advantage of Online Beauty Training is that sessions can be completed at your own pace and repeated as many times as required whilst the practical skills development sessions are scheduled to suit your lifestyle. Once you have completed the training you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to gain a nationally recognised Qualification through a regulated assessment process. 


Been out of the beauty world for a while and need refreshing?

If you are returning to work after children, you can use the Online Beauty Training as a refresher and if you need to spend a few hours with a skills development trainer we can arrange this too.


Need extra support along the way?

Maybe you have already had some training and achieved a certificate of achievement but feel you need more or would like to achieve a nationally recognised City & Guilds qualification? You can use the Online Beauty Training to fill in any gaps in skill or knowledge.


Flexible learning so you can work at your own pace.

  You can study on your phone, iPad as well as the PC whilst choosing your own pace of learning around family life and your existing job. The resources are all downloadable so you don’t have to rely on good internet connection and you can even learn whilst walking the dog or on a train.


But hang on, I’ve been told that online training can’t work for a practical subject…

You may have looked at online courses before that don’t include the practical skills, or been told that you can’t learn a practical skill without going to college. HoweverI am confident that our practical training format with skills development sessions will work for you and if you need hands on guidance, we can arrange that with a Beauty Skills Mentor near you.


Do you want to start today?

Once you have registered for your online course, you will have immediate access to your virtual classroom and can start your learning journey.