Headings-Skincare and facial treatments

Welcome to the Skincare and Facial Treatments Course

Please note – currently only Session 2 is complete and ready for you try out. See Bottom of Page for Course Lessons

Facial treatments are the corner stone of your beauty business and we are excited that you have chosen this subject to learn, you will quickly see how your clients will love the way you make them look and feel.
This course draws on the knowledge and skills delivered by the award winning Phoenix Holistic Beauty & Nail Training, centre.
On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Prepare for skincare & facial treatments
  • Carry out skincare & facial  treatments

This is a self-paced course, which means that all the content is available and you are free to move ahead at your own pace. We will progress through a set of topics that compose the fundamentals of skincare and facial treatments.  The course will emphasize concepts, knowledge and techniques that you will be able to apply to any skincare product range that you choose to work with.  The course will also introduce you to terms and concepts that you will learn in the anatomy & Physiology course to support your learning.

There are 7 topics in the facial course covering the following:

  • Session 1: Preparation of Your Working Area, Self and Client for Treatment
  • Session 2: Cleansing, Toning Moisturising & Product Knowledge TRY NOW! (See Below)
  • Session 3: Mask, Exfoliation & Heat Treatments with Manual Extractions
  • Session 4: Skin Types and Conditions
  • Session 5: Facial, Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Session 6: Consultation & Skin Analysis
  • Session 7: After Care and Advice

Sessions will begin with a brief introduction to the topics, mapping out the learning goals, key concepts, and activities to be covered.  Each session will include a number of components.
Videos covering the underpinning knowledge and practical skills required.  You can watch these in either order depending on your learning preferences.  The transcripts and audio versions are also available to download.  Each session also has extension resources:  recommended further reading, activities to complete and final review multiple choice questions.
Our industry is constantly changing and new products are created all the time, you will need to keep up with these changes through your ongoing personal development, however  the fundamentals that you will learn don’t change and will prepare you to learn any new techniques quickly and easily.

The key to becoming a confident professional Facialist is practice, so in-between topics, it is strongly advised that you put in to practice the learning gained before moving on.
Much support can be gained through the Facebook group, however you can also access support through the forum.  At any time throughout your course, if you feel that you need hands on help, you can contact one of the skills development advisors to book a one to one session.  These sessions are charged at £20 per hour and are paid for with the educator.

Earn your certificate
To earn your certificate, you need to achieve 100% in each of the assessment questions; however you will be able to retake the assessments as many times as you need. Certificates can be downloaded from your progress page when you have passed the course.
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